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101 Whitechapel High Street.


We have now submitted a planning application to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for major new development at 101 Whitechapel High Street.

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Tower Hamlets Council is now considering our plans. If you would like to support our proposals, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill in supporter form.

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Our plans are for a new landmark mixed-use building providing 470,000 sq. ft. of high-quality office space with retail uses on the ground floor. The development will:


■ Create up to 3,000 new jobs

■ Provide new facilities for local primary school, Canon Barnett, including a multi-use and modern playground

■ Allow the relocation of the playground away from the road to protect children from toxic air pollution and noise pollution

■ Enable a new annexe building and other enhanced facilities for the school to accommodate additional learning space

■ Help address the area’s crime and anti-social behaviour through improved public realm, improved street lighting, natural surveillance and other security measures such as CCTV cameras

■ Enhance the public realm with new trees, planting and improved footpaths

■ Provide affordable business space for start-ups and local businesses

■ Provide a major boost to the local economy of up to £4m a year

■ Generate up to £5m a year in business rates for Tower Hamlets Council to use on public services

The Site

The site is located on the corner of Whitechapel High Street and Commercial Street. There are currently a number of retail units on the ground floor with office space on the floors above. The site also includes a neglected but utilised car park behind the building, and Canon Barnett Primary School and its playground.

Working with Canon Barnett Primary School

We have been working in collaboration with Canon Barnett Primary School to develop plans that will provide major benefits for the school. Key to delivering the benefits is a proposed land swap that will enable:

 The relocation of the playground away from the main road and dangerous levels of traffic pollution

 A new playground with multi-sports facilities

 Potential new green features to support natural living (allotments, green/moss wall)

 New improved and safer accesses to the school

 A safer environment around the school with the aim of reducing levels of anti-social behaviour and criminality

 Improvements to Gunthorpe Street

Protecting pupils:

 Relocation of the playground could reduce NO2 concentrations by up to 7.3μg/m3, and an average reduction in road contribution concentrations of 60%. This represents an average reduction in total NO2 concentrations of 12%.

 The measures would also reduce noise pollution by 10-14 db, effectively becoming a calm, quiet environment, well noise-screened by buildings around it.

A New Place to
Work and Relax

The proposed commercial building will provide 41,065 sq. m.* of commercial spaces including:

■ Office space – 40,165 sq. m.*
■ Retail space – 900 sq. m.*
■ Additional space for servicing, etc.
■ The proposed development will vary between 12 and 19 storeys above ground
■ A two-level basement for plant and servicing areas

■ Approximately 700 cycle storage facilities to promote car-free travel
■ No car parking
■ New trees and green features to promote natural appearance of the area
■ Improved and permeable footpaths to enhance area for pedestrians

Our Consultation


Our public consultation held last May at Canon Barnett School highlighted local support for our plans. The key points from the consultation were:

 75% of respondents agreed that the area needed to be improved
 Anti-social behaviour and road safety / traffic were people’s main concerns
 80% of respondents supported the proposed land swap with the school to enable the development and provision of a new playground and other facilities
 69% supported our overall plan.

Show your support

Thank you for taking the time to review our plans for 101 Whitechapel High Street. If you support the plans, please let Tower Hamlets Council know via our email form below:

Please note that this email will be delivered to the planning department at Tower Hamlets Council. It will also be delivered to Quatro Public Relations Ltd. on behalf of South Street AM for the purposes of tracking support for the application. Your details will not be passed on to any third parties and, once a decision on the application has been reached, your information will be deleted safely from our system. For more details on how we handle data, please read our Privacy Policy.